Top 5 Thing to do in Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s national treasures. Globally, it is as well-known locally and internationally. There are few places where the Arawak name “Xayamaca” – land of rivers and springs – is more apt. The Spaniards called the area “Las Chorreras” – the waterfalls or springs – and it’s truly one of the most beautiful spots on the island of Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls has been visited by over a million visitor each years, It’s located in Ocho Rios St Ann. 

Bamboo Beach Club

Bamboo Beach Club formally  known as Reggae Beach is located about 10 minutes out sides the town of Ocho Rios, This is a must see lotion, Bamboo Beach Club is about 4 miles of white sand beach for anyone to just relax on enjoy some melodious sound of popular reggae and dance-hall music while rocking to some cool vibe with some exotic cocktails, enjoy the beautiful and friendly environment.

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Blue Hole

Blue Hole is an security area with secluded and relatively untouched falls located in the hills of Ocho Rios, Jamaica.


The tour includes, a mini fall to hike , and cliff jumping , rope swing, several blue lagoons to swim in, there is also a cave to go through and a stunning scenery for everyone to enjoy, 


Visitor who visited this spot has a lot of experience to share with their relative & friend. 

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