T&B Exotic Tours

Welcome to T&B Exotic Tours!
Searching for a luxury car touring experience? Look no further, as our exotic tours of
Jamaica will allow you to discover exceptional destinations: safe, walk-able, artistic
and fun, complete with great food and music.
Our Company
T&B Exotic Tours is the best way to discover and experience Jamaica’s exceptional,
culturally rich destinations.

We are a tour operator located in Ochi Rios (Rio Neuvo) with over five years experience and qualified service
serving customers from all around the world. Our team is made up of
experienced, well-traveled, and highly educated travel consultants who derive
satisfaction from helping you plan your local tour anywhere anytime in Jamaica.

We lead with dedicated Tour Packages all across the Jamaica.
Passion for Excellent Service and Nation Building
As a proudly owned Jamaican local tour operator, T&B Exotic Tours continues in
its mission of maximizing the travel and tourism opportunities in Jamaica for the
businesses, leisure, and pleasure of its customers while building economic
prosperity and spreading the vibrant image of the nation around the world.
T&B Exotic Tours allows vacationers to experience various tourist destinations
with our guided car tour. Our expert guide leads you through the history,
architecture, and biodiversity of culturally rich regions, as well as giving you a
lunch treat. We are always delighted to offer you the ultimate experience of a
luxury tour, a magical journey with unforgettable moments of emotion through
conviviality, sharing, and culture.
Why Plan Your Jamaican Tour with Us
We treat each client’s experience with our four marks of quality service.

 Personalized Service

 Convenience and Time Savings
 Trust
 Peace of Mind

Our Experience –Your Experience
Our hands-on involvement and knowledge of the Jamaican hospitality industry
allow us in matchmaking travelers with unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re
a local or foreigner, with T&B Exotic Tours, you can experience Jamaica and have
bespoke vacations and tours using our expert local knowledge. Our wealth of
experience and far-reaching networks allows us to deal with any tour request,
regardless of whether you want to embark on a 2-day treat or a week or month-long experience.
Each guided tour with T&B Exotic Tours offers you an intense experience:
initiatory for novices, fascinating for the experts, and dreamy for the lone
wanderer. Your tour package comes with an expert guide, meals, and transport.
Come on board in the deluxe comfort of our luxury cars and let yourself be guided
by our experts to explore and create personalized lifetime memories.

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